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The rules of the games are changing fast. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. It’s not ‘Big’ who eats ‘Small”. It’s the ‘Fast’ who defeats ‘Slow’. The two, very experienced, corporate executives were noticing these changes. They knew the quality of human capital needs to be improved. However, the methods, approach and contents need to be different, innovative and in line with today’s business needs. There are many corporate training organisations are available in India and abroad, established & successful. However, it is really a matter of study, how much they have changed with the times. Are they using same old conventional methods, contents of training? How will it benefit corporate? Out of this very thought the SCG was born.

Strategic Consultancy Group (SCG) is the dedicated corporate training company providing unique and contemporary learning solutions. The Strategic Consultancy Group (SCG) is the brainchild of senior management professionals, who have spent over two and a half decades working in top positions in the corporate. They very well understand the ever changing needs of businesses. The foundation of SCG is based on two important pillars. These two pillars are namely “Nurture” and “Inspire”. These two words define the ideology behind the brand.

Our Services

SCG’s core business objective is “to enrich people enabling overall effectiveness”. Its key focus areas are:

Corporate Training

Every business house, across the globe is focused on increasing the productivity of its workforce. Human Resources with its Learning & Development teams, is consistently focusing on including re-skilling and training of employees.

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Smart eLearning Platform

Today the world of work is impacted with disruptive technology. People have not only embraced technology but it has become an integrated part of their life. Learning is no exception to it. In the corporate sectors, use of e-learning solutions is happening for almost two decades now. Ever since the eLearning technology was introduced, its usage has been increasing swiftly and changing the face of corporate training.

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Open learning forums

SCG encourages learning or acquiring new skills as one of the best ways to become more successful in one’s career. Whether you are exploring a new career opportunity or moving into a new role, upgrading your skills and knowledge can improve your chances of achieving your career goals successfully. In most professions, especially in IT or ITES, upgrading your skills and knowledge, is highly valued and is seen as a mandatory requirement for many professional/employees.

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Educational Institutions

We all know and have talked about the digital transformation that has taken place across our entire society for many years, with particular focus on the new opportunities and challenges it brings. Considering the potential of this technology it just feels that we are still at the beginning of the change and the transformation. Till recently, digital transformation was only on the agenda of the larger tech players. Now, it’s on everyone’s priority list.

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Employee Engagement Initiative

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel valued and involved in their everyday work. Engaged employees go the extra mile to contribute to the success of your organisation. Key components include trust, fairness, values, and respect - i.e. how people like to be treated by others, both at work and outside of work. Management would want their employees to look forward to work every morning, loving their job.

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Quality Management System

It is quite difficult to define quality; you often know it when you see it. A quality management system is a set of protocols and structured procedures with an objective of producing the best goods or offering the best services possible and tracking the steps in the process so you can identify challenges, bottlenecks and rectify the same.

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