Our Story:

The rules of the games are changing fast. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. It’s not ‘Big’ who eats ‘Small”. It’s the ‘Fast’ who defeats ‘Slow’. The two, very experienced, corporate executives were noticing these changes. They knew the quality of human capital needs to be improved. However, the methods, approach and contents need to be different, innovative and in line with today’s business needs. There are many corporate training organisations are available in India and abroad, established & successful. However, it is really a matter of study, how much they have changed with the times. Are they using same old conventional methods, contents of training? How will it benefit corporate? Out of this very thought the SCG was born.

Strategic Consultancy Group (SCG) is the dedicated corporate training company providing unique and contemporary learning solutions. The Strategic Consultancy Group (SCG) is the brainchild of senior management professionals, who have spent over two and a half decades working in top positions in the corporate. They very well understand the ever changing needs of businesses. The foundation of SCG is based on two important pillars. These two pillars are namely “Nurture” and “Inspire”. These two words define the ideology behind the brand.

Our Expertise:

SCG’s spotlight is on transforming talent across India. SCG empowers working professionals with upgraded knowledge, skills and competencies to do better in their careers. SCG specializes in areas such as personal development, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, technical and Quality Management System making it a holistic is a corporate training solution provider.

SCG’s aim is to help clients achieve their desired goals through training and development. SCG designs and deliver corporate training programs that are based on thorough learning needs analysis and clients business objective. SCG also involves itself in understanding of the roles, functions, what are the need gaps, before working on the solutions that will help bridge the need gaps. A reason why, SCG is the most preferred choice of every L&D professionals.

What we do:

SCG has 100+ learning and development specialist on board as associates. SCG provides unique learning experience for the participants by employing right talent for right training. Mr. Ashok Sharma, Founder and CEO of SCG say; “At SCG, we attempt to break through all potential barriers and make corporate training the core DNA of our client. We operate as a training arm of our client’s organisation, engage in employee development and work in a collaborative manner with them. Today clients are thoughtful companies that invest in training programs are more attuned to achieving their objectives through employees who are more productive.”

SCG’s core business objective is “to enrich people enabling overall effectiveness”. Its key focus areas are:

  • Corporate Program
  • Smart e-Learning Platform
  • Open Learning Forums
  • Management Development Programs
  • Educational Institutions Program
  • Employee Engagement Initiative
  • Quality Management System

A way forward:

SCG is committed to provide customized end-to-end Training & Learning solutions across India and abroad, using through its unique platform which also includes Smart eLearning Solutions. Professional development is continuous process, we will help to identify and meet the challenges of the organisations and support to develop desired capabilities within workforce to gear-up to stay ahead of the disruptions.

SCG believes, in the fast changing and highly competitive market, continuous learning is crucial to an organization’s ability to obtain desired skills. Life-long learning can be achieved by aligning the flow of work with flow of life.

Our Vision:

“To drive developmental growth in the world, through enriching individuals & corporate for sustained effectiveness”

Our Mission:

SCG’s mission statement is not just a line but it describes reasons why we exist. If our Vision guides us on the path of enriching people, our mission is a driving force behind our actions. It encapsulates our goal and defines our approach towards the ecosystem where we exist.

The purpose of our mission statement is to communicate SCG’s purpose and direction to its employees, customers, vendors, and other stakeholders. SCG’s mission statement also creates a sense of identity for our employees, experts and people associated with our company.

Mision Vision
corporate trainer

As a leading corporate trainer, SCG will :

  • Offer unique and contemporary learning solutions
  • Evolve continually
  • Be an integral part of our client businesses in terms of learning organization
  • Triumph through teamwork

Our Values:

SCG is responsible learning solutions provider and one of the best corporate trainer in Mumbai. SCG has defined some values which are utmost important to our business and we will never compromise on it. In fact, by following our values we will set a benchmark in the industry of learning and development. SCG will inspire its employees, vendors, domain experts and stake holders to adhere to the value systems defined to do the business. These values will certainly build the ecosystem which will foster the growth and cordial relations among people. SCG’s values are:

Core team

The Strategic Consultancy Group (SCG) is the brain child of senior management professionals having over 25 years of rich experience in Human Resources, Training & Development and Strategic Marketing etc. Core team's competencies and skills complement each other to achieve the goals of the company and its clients


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